Students & Young Architects - Cyprus Summer Workshop

2-12 JULY 

With the support of the Union of Mediterranean Architects UMAR, the workshop will provide a platform for an immersive cooperation between young architects and students of architecture in a hands-on, design-built workshop. Emphasis will be placed on making. Design will manifest through the process of physical testing ranging from the scale of individual component and joint to assemblage, to the whole and back again, in a cyclical process towards refinement. Making and physical testing will be the main activity of the workshop, while drawing and designing will be utilised as a continuous tool throughout the duration of the workshop as a means of pinpointing arising construction issues brought forth by the ongoing, hands-on development. Beyond the emphasis on making, aspects of materiality, the environment, programmatic performance and human well-being will also be considered. Design of the structure will be prepared beforehand. Details and joints will be proposed and developed based on an integration of manual and digitally fabricated joinery and fabrication techniques. Proposals for the display of information about Platres village may also be considered during the workshop but production and installation of these elements will take place at a later stage. 

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UMAR Union of Mediterranean Architects
UMAR Union of Mediterranean Architects
UMAR Union of Mediterranean Architects
UMAR Union of Mediterranean Architects